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Costs to Increase as Microsoft Sets Consistent Global Pricing for Cloud Services-EU 11% – UC

71% of CIOs say that the increasing amount of data resulting from cloud-native technology stacks exceeds human management capabilities - Dynatrace

Only 10% of businesses report benefitting from cloud technology -PWC
Basecamp details 'obscene' $3.2 million bill that caused it to quit the cloud - David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of 37Signals

Sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders are challenged to optimize costs, even more so with the pandemic impacting economies. Organizations can use the European Secondary Software License Market to sell shelfware and buy perpetual licenses cheaply – Gartner

On-premise is ideal when you have to access data frequently and quickly, said Michael King, Senior Director of Marketing Operations, DDN.

users tend to deploy hybrid and private, on-premises clouds rather than public clouds for the vast majority of their data.
storing hundreds of hours of daily, active media content in S3. The bill would be astronomical - Scott Adametz, Product Solutions Architect at SwiftStack

NASA overspent $35 million on software licenses - LicenseWare

Are you keeping some things on-premise or does it fit better in a local cloud. Then realize extra savings by unique insights in your licenses by advances SAM audit & services (up to 30% savings), Up to 70% cheaper Pre-owned Microsoft and Oracle licenses, data driven people & Production process optimization (up to 30% savings). Need a local cloud to save up to 30% using your own hardware? Want to sleep 20% more, being secure of your cloud to on-premisse dataflow, get a free (yeah I Know!) Cloud data security scan.

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