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  • Circulair licencesWarranty for a lifetimeDiscount up to 72%

The LicencePro formula, offers circular Microsoft Licensing Solutions, which are legal and reduce costs. We offer our services directly to the users and through a reseller channels. Below you'll find 9 points where we can support your business.


    Our formula and services have proven to be successful in recent years. A wide range of solutions, auditproof, budget friendly and with attractive margins!
    The possibilities we offer are win-win for all parties involved.


    We have a team of (Microsoft) Professionals to back you up. We do this with our field of expertise, our expierence, webiste, support and so on.
    We have a formula that guarantuees your succes!


    The licenses we sell are circular and therfore less expensive. Circular is the new standard and saves money.

    We have registered the URLs for the different countries, including the .com. The domains can differ per country in terms of spelling and sometimes we use the local name.


    By using our formula, it is possible to generate turnover and thus income in the foreseeable future.


    Because we know and have worked out all processes, they can easily be adapted to the standard of a new region.
  • S.B.U.'s

    We distinguish different business units: purchases of surplus licenses, sales of circular volume licenses, offering (hybrid) Cloud and SAM Services.


    The circular licenses have, as the name suggests, been used before. By re-using licenses, we facilitate reuse and thus sustainability.


    By working together with strong European partners, it is immediately possible to scale up and also compete with large orders.


We'd love to work with you.


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