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In 3 steps towards a solution

Determine your licensing needs, we offer you the solution with discounts of up to 75%, order and save!

1). Compliant?

Pre-owned licences, AuditProof, save up to 75% and focus on your core business.
Buy used licenses! Buy your licenses easily and independently from Microsoft. We offer used licenses from Microsoft. Legal and audit-proof.
Sell unused licenses Do you have excess licenses? Then immediately get part of your investment back! We buy current and previous licenses on good terms or become a reseller!
System houses and B2B resellers rely on our controlled processes. Become a LicensePro partner and benefit from secure and used Microsoft licenses.

2). Solutions

LicencePro is your professional partner for the purchase and sale of used Microsoft licenses. LicencePro simplifies the purchase or sale of used software by medium and large companies and organizations in their purchasing strategies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
LicencePro helps you save on IT costs. Through our participation in your software projects, you will benefit from the main benefits available today in terms of efficiency, license management and hybrid licensing scenarios. What sets LicencePro apart is its exceptional quality and reliability, which is based on full compliance, security and maximum transparency of all phases of the transaction.

3). Call to action

We are ready and can help your organization save on Microsoft licenses. Complete the form to calculate the potential savings on on-premise or hybrid cloud solutions. Are you in a hurry? Pick up the phone or send an email!

We are Microsoft-partner

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Licensing Solutions 2024

Save up to 75% on on-premise licenses, legally within your budget. LicencePro is your European partner.

Microsoft On-premise

always the most convenient solution
It's important to always be compliant, so buy second hand (pre-owned) Microsoft licenses which are up to 75% cheaper!
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Microsoft hybrid cloud solutions

The public sector

In addition to Cloud and on-premise, Hybrid Cloud is one of the best and most convenient solutions.
Hybrid Cloud Calculator

Cash in Microsoft licenses

return on investment

Request a quote now and buy or sell on-premise licenses.
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Our European Team is waiting for your call and here to help. In the Netherlands, Roel Theunissen one of the founders is waiting for your email.

Contact us and let's be compliant, within your budget!

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Roel Theunissen Founder LicencePro Europe

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